SK Talent circus and acrobatic school


We create a new history of innovative classes, a combination of acrobatics with circus art. We invite you to watch it.

Acrobatics – acrobatic stunts with a high degree of difficulty that go beyond the average human skills. Acrobatics is not a sport but it is the family of sports.

Circus - entertainment show, created in England in the eighteenth century (in 1768 Philip Astley opened the first modern circus in London), which refers to the tradition of ancient Rome where the circus was a building with the arena, surrounded by amphitheatrical audience (the most famous-Circus Maximus), where acrobats and dancers performed and where quadriga races were organized. Currently, circus art includes acrobatic, equilibristic, dance shows, animal training and many others.

Presentation of the skills of girls from SK TALENT at the Family Health Fair at the International Congress Center in Katowiceh


We invite you to watch the performances of the SK Talent Group on January 13, 2018, which had the pleasure to participate in the family health fair organized in the heart of Upper Silesia at the Katowice International Congress Center. Over 100 exhibitors from various health-related areas, well-known personalities and institutions, and most importantly, over a dozen thousand people actively participated in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Beginning of the Section in Mikołów. Technical School Complex at ul. Rybnicka 44


Gdynia acrobatic and circus camp 10-18 July


The end of the 2016/2017 school year at SK TALENT


Each of the girls presented her original and unique character to you. There were many beautiful moments and emotions that will remain in our hearts for a long time.

Unforgettable moments full of the glowing eyes of parents, being proud of their children, and those full of horror of beloved grandmothers who moved their hands to their breasts because of emotion.

This is the way how art is supposed to be understood, not by mind but by emotions which can mean something completely different to everyone.

We really hope that next year will be even better and girls will be able to present new skills to mark the end of the year on the stage of the real theater. We would like to thank you all for arriving in such great numbers!!!

The first SK Talent show at the Gymnastics and Sports Acrobatics Festival in Żory


Brenna SK Talent Winter Camp 24.01-30.01


The official launch of SK TALNY. Acrobatic and circus school. Katowice, ul Raciborska 1 (Building of AWF Katowice)


Holiday acrobatic and circus workshops