What is the aerial ribbon? What is Aerial Silk / Aerial Tissue?


The aerial ribbon also known as a tissue or a silk is a prop used during aerial dance classes. It is made of an elastic fabric usually from 3 to 15 m long attache to the ceiling or steel structure. Through a series of bindings, wraps of legs and hands, and the body, the artists climb to high levels performing extremely spectacular acrobatic elements. Due to the unique charm and poetry of fabrics, it is one of the most-used dance props. Aerial ribbons are used for strength and stretching training, they allow you to offload your body and relax after a full day of work. In addition, classes using aerial silk stimulate the imagination and allow you to be more creative.

What are aerial wheels?


The aerial wheel also known as the Aerial Ring / Lyra or Aerial Hoop is an equipment made of steel or aluminum with a circular shape reminiscent of a traditional hula hoop. It can be hung on one or two points depending on the preferences and skills of the artist.

The beginnings of Aerial Hoop are not clear, the first mention of the use of this equipment in circus art comes from the mid-twentieth century. Since 2002, aerial wheels have permanently entered the circus show "Varekai" carried out by Cyrk Du Soleil.

Other great productions of Circus Oz, Flying Fruit Fly Circus and the National Institute of Circus Arts followed it, contributing to the huge popularization of this activity around the world. Amazing flexibility, strength, grace, and technique of making elements has been appreciated also outside the circus world. In recent years, Aerial Hoop has acquired a more commercial character in a new field called Cricus Fitness.